Activity, History, Experience

L.M. Laminati Metallici SpA was founded in 1980 as Steel Service Center specialized in cutting-to-length of coils into strips and sheets. In 1996 it joined the NEFFAS Group Nastri Ferro Acciai Speciali Group, working in this field since the Thirties.

The experience and skills acquired in eighty years of history in the processing and marketing of Steel, combined with the development of technologies and production processes, are critical to the success of LM.

LM, over time,  has strengthened business direct relationships with all the main european and extra-european steel mills. Thanks to the favored and trustworthy relationships with strategic suppliers of raw material (steel coils),  LM has constantly available many qualities of coils, that can be processed in every moment.

The passion for steel, with its transformations and the unlimited possibilities of final use passed down by three generations, allow the company to be competitive today in the Domestic, European and International markets.

Specialized in thin and narrow Strips Slitting

L.M. Laminati Metallici is a Services Center specialized in slitting Steel Coils in thin gauge and very narrow measures, compared to industry standards and its competitors.

The core business, for both STRIPS and SHEETS, is indeed the one of the less than 0.30 mm thicknesses up to a minimum of 0.10 mm thicknesses. All the production machineries are, by the way, able to process every quality of steel up to a maximum thickness of mm 1.2.

Moreover, in the Strips processing, LM is specialized in very narrow widths, from the minimum of mm 4,0 width, up to the coil width (mm 1360).

These special sizes, can be supplied to the customers both in “standard” format, that is in a single coil, and in a Spool special format, called “Oscillated Wound Coils” (Matassato). This kind of winding is available in several diameters options (internal and external) and in many support options (internal cores and plastic spools of various shapes and sizes).

L.M. is a leader in global market in the processing and marketing of flat Steel, in the segment of very thin thicknesses and special narrow widths.

International, Efficient and Flexible Company

L.M. Laminati Metallici boast an important trading tradition in foreign markets.

In recent years it has further developed its exports, conquering new international markets, even beyond the European borders.

Over the decades, LM has been reinforcing its own sales network, always active and present in the territory, to get to know the technical and commercial needs of each customer.

L.M. is located in Northern Italy, in the province of Milan, in a very strategic geographical location in terms of logistics, thanks to its proximity to major infrastructures in Italy.

The manufacturing plant is indeed close to the A4 Highway (Milan – Turin), 10 Km from Malpensa International Airport and just 150 Km from the main seaports of Northern Italy (Genova, La Spezia, Savona).
L.M. Laminati Metallici, thanks to a production potential of the highest level, is able to serve its customers in a very short time compared to its competitors.

L.M. ensures a top quality supply and an high level of technical assistance also in the aftersales stage.
LM offers all customers the chance to create personalized packaging and to optimize inventory of their warehouse with always-ready stocks or on consignment stock at the Client’s plant.

The Original Coils, purchased from the best steel mills all over the world, are already controlled during the unload stage and for each of them is ensured complete traceability.

LM is in the global market both for the direct sales of STRIPS and SHEETS of all low-carbon steels, and for the third-party (labour contracts) processings of all other steel qualities (especially Oriented and Non-Oriented Electrical Steels, Stainless steel, Pre-painted steel and Aluminum) that are not directly commercialized.

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