Oscillated Wound Coils Slitting (Spool winding)

LM can provide Oscillated Wound Coils (Spool winding) instead of the single coils, offering to end customers the availability of additional meters and kilograms of steel that determines less downtime and increased production efficiency.

Thicknesses:  from  mm 0.18 to mm 1.0

Widths: from  mm 4.0 to mm 10,0

Internal diameters: from  mm 100 to mm 250

External diameters: from  mm 200 to mm 600

Support types for Oscillated Wound Coils: cardboard core without edge and plastic reels of various sizes (width, inner and outer diameters) and of various types (with or without sides with one or more holes of clamp terminals for the rotation).

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