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LM is provided with high-level, complete, modern and up to date production plant design. Especially, are available for the production:

  • Slitters for Coils Slitting of Standard Strips and Scroll Strips
  • Cut to length lines for decoiling and Sheets cutting
  • Oscillate slitting lines for Oscillated Wound Coils slitting with with the chance of winding on different support types.
  • Grinding plants for circular blades and  Scroll blades
  • Automated and semi automated packaging lines
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Thanks to a complete, modern and high-level plant design, LM is able to handle coils of weight up to 22 Tons with any type of packaging in both horizontal and vertical axis.LM is also equipped for the loading of containers for direct sea shipments. LM has a large internal warehouse equipped with overhead travelling cranes, a forklift truck fleet for every need and comfortable indoor areas reserved for the receipt and dispatch of goods. People and goods safety is always ensured in all phases of handling of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.
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LM has an internal laboratory for the certificate control of all the mechanical characteristics of the raw material input by performing a sample of the Tensile tests according to EN regulation (Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, Hardness).

LM has an internal system dedicated to the grinding of Circular blades to ensure the maximum quality of the cut and the absence of defects due to the presence of excessive cutting “burr”.

In addition, Unique Steel Service Center in the world, has a specific system for the grinding of SCROLL blades for Coils Slitting into Scroll Strips.

LM is capable of measuring by  integrated laser systems in the Slitter cutting lines the effective thickness of the coils during the in-line cut.

ISO 9001-2015 Certification
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