Coils Slitting in SCROLL STRIPS

Coils Slitting in SCROLL STRIPS is a coil longitudinal cutting system which allows to derive disks from strips, appropriately shaped, with a considerable (10 to 15%) saving of scrap than standard strips with parallel edges.

The SCROLL STRIPES system is convenient in all the applications where a circular or elliptical shape, obtained from the strips, is needed.

The power supplies for presses used for SCROLL Stripes are common electronic power supplies that can also be used for strips with parallel edges (standard strips).

L.M. Laminati Metallici S.p.a. has globally patented the SCROLL STRIPS technology and nowadays is still  the only company in the world able to produce this special product.

LM has available specific blades, manufactured as single pieces, necessary to obtain the shaped SCROLL STRIPES  from which derive discs with following diameters (mm): 345, 328, 333, 326, 313, 300, 252, 212, 200, 194, 190, 166.

On request, LM can make cuts to obtain disks of different diameters.

SCROLL STRIPES technology is available for all types of steel with a low carbon content  and a thickness range between 0.13 mm to 0.80 mm.

LM has a unique slitting machinery in the world, dedicated to the grinding of the ”SCROLL blades” that can’t be grinded with the traditional systems used for common circular blades used by all other Steel Service Centers.

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