L.M. Laminati Metallici is a Services Center specialized in slitting Steel Coils in thin gauge and very narrow measures, compared to industry standards and its competitors.

The core business, for both STRIPS and SHEETS, is indeed the one of the less than 0.30 mm thicknesses up to a minimum of 0.10 mm thicknesses. All the production machineries are, by the way, able to process every quality of steel up to a maximum thickness of mm 1.2.

Moreover, in the Strips processing, LM is specialized in very narrow widths, from the minimum of mm 4,0 width, up to the coil width (mm 1360).

These special sizes, can be supplied to the customers both in “standard” format, that is in a single coil, and in a Spool special format, called “Oscillated Wound Coils” (Matassato). This kind of winding is available in several diameters options (internal and external) and in many support options (internal cores and plastic spools of various shapes and sizes).

L.M. is a leader in global market in the processing and marketing of flat Steel, in the segment of very thin thicknesses and special narrow widths.